Times change but storytelling remains the same. While opportunities for enjoying audiovisual content are blossoming and becoming mobile, there’s more demand for bigger and better image and sound quality at home. Our conviction is that compelling, inventive, creative, cinematic storytelling, and excellent broadcast journalism are more in demand and more needed than ever, whatever the platform, wherever you are.


Quince Media was founded in 2014 to provide inspiring drama and documentary, filmed around the world by our experienced team of journalists and filmmakers, and our wider network of talented storytellers across a broad range of cultures and geographical spaces. The company draws on the experience and passions of its core team and their dreams – to make thought provoking television, documentary films in the best traditions of that craft, entertaining life-enhancing popular television, and to explore new and innovative forms of visual storytelling with emerging technologies.

David Chater


David is an award winning foreign and war correspondent. He started his career at ITN, then moved to BSkyB and finally Al Jazeera International before founding Quince Media, based out of the south of France. He has covered most major foreign stories in the last several decades, and in 2010 and 2011, together with Melanie, he set up a television station in Tbilisi Georgia, where he was head of news.



Melanie has produced many single documentaries and documentary series, but started her career in television drama. Working out of London, Moscow, Jerusalem and Johannesburg, and filming extensively around the world, she has collaborated closely with local film-makers to make award winning international television for companies like the National Geographic Channel, Turner Broadcasting System, PBS, BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Arte, and others