Peace and War: The View from Russia

At an extremely tense moment in international relations, the film explores Russian perspectives on the country’s own foreign policy and the way it is interpreted by other nations. From the deputy foreign secretary Sergey Ryabkov, through opposition leader Alexei Navalniy, to the young  electronic band IC3PEAK, diverse Russians lead us behind the scenes of Russia’s relationship with the world and their hopes for the future. The film is presented by distinguished author and broadcaster Mikhail Zygar.


“Your programme is terrific. I enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot.”

“It was a great idea to see how Russian opinion formers view how the West regards Putin.”

“Mikhail was an inspired choice of presenter. I really admired the way he put his questions and had intelligent conversations with the interviewees.”

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the hard work and wonderful talents you all contributed to the making of ‘Peace and War: A View From Russia’. 

Understanding Russia is always a difficult and complex thing as it is never the same to all people…and is always evolving. Explaining it is even more challenging as there are so many potential traps, biases and misunderstandings lurking with each topic. You all faced these challenges with great intelligence, insight and courage.”

Farid Barsoum, Executive Producer, Documentaries, Al Jazeera International

“Loved your Russia film… Your presenter was an inspired choice. He seemed to encapsulate the ambivalence that many Russians feel about where their country is going. Smart script and good interviews. Very well done.”

“It really is a super piece of work and I shall recommend it to a number of people. Congratulations on navigating your way through such a complex and difficult landscape!”

“Really, it is absolutely first rate.”

This film would not have been possible without the contribution of Mikhail Zygar, an experienced and talented Russian producer, writer and broadcaster, who was a generous and effective editorial consultant on this production as well as its presenter. Philipp Gromov is an extremely gifted editor based in Berlin and St Petersburg. He has extensive experience editing for western audiences and his attention to detail and creativity with archive and music raised the quality of every aspect of the film. The producers Nelli Muminova, Yulia Shcherbina and Anastasia Shkatova brought brand new ideas, names and faces to our production, and were a tremendous support throughout. Dimitri Rudakov is a world class cameraman, and Sorin Apostol a gentle soul and an excellent sound recordist and composer. Our thanks to them all.